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Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

Form Meets Function

Constructed from a variety of materials, retaining walls act to hold back soil that otherwise would move downward with the force of gravity. While functional, retaining walls form a highly decorative component of many landscape design plans.

Whether stacked stone, brick, or blocks, at Weaver’s Landscape Company, we collaborate with you to design and install a retaining wall that is at the convergence of both form and function.

Types of Landscape Retaining Walls

  • Masonry Retaining Walls (Brick and Block)
  • Stacked Stone Walls
  • Decorative Sitting Walls
  • Rock Landscaping Walls
  • Boulder Walls

Many landscaping companies fall short of expectations when the materials they choose fail their clients. We work directly with trusted, quality landscape suppliers, individually inspecting and selecting our materials for the highest quality and most favorable form.

Schedule a Consultation

Our designers take an individual approach to each project, working to bring out the unique features of each site.  We create landscape designs that seek to give you the greatest value for your investment and work with your budget to achieve the most dramatic results.

If you are interested in adding a retaining wall to your landscape, we invite you to contact us at (717) 530-9076  for a free, no-obligation consultation.  We’ll perform an initial evaluation of the property and explain how we can help make your landscape dreams become a reality.